Life is filled with questions

Who am I? Where do I belong? Why am I here? The way a people respond to these questions shapes their choices, relationships, and values. The difficulty is that many voices compete with one another when these questions are asked.

At Peniel YOUTH…

…we believe that before we answer these questions, we must determine: Who is God? What is the church about? What did Jesus come to do? As we answer these questions, we discover the life’s general questions are answered too. We understand who we are in light of who God is. We find a place to belong in the life of the church. We understand our purpose through the life of Jesus.

The Peniel YOUTH Ministry…

…is designed to help you discover how faith meets life by continually wrestling with these questions. Unfortunately, Christianity is often boiled down to a belief system to agree with, rather than a life to be lived. The PENIEL YOUTH ministry will be a place where teenagers encounter the truth of scripture, but more than that, it will be a place where they are encouraged to live out their faith in an unashamed manner. The PENIEL YOUTH ministry is the place to be for middle & high school students!